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to 5% per day

Termless investment

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0.30% per day

About Us

Mining-cryptomoney - is a project that provides a high income, operating with two main tools:

- installation and maintenance of equipment in the data center;

- providing a site for investment with minimal risks of investments.

Uniqueness of the project is that the equipment for extraction of crypto currency is far off from the investor and doesn't demand additional forces and costs of it service.

The scheme of work with Mining-cryptomoney can be represented as follows:

Purchase of equipment at the expense of investor's investments -> Installation of equipment-> Beginning of crypto-currency production -> Profit.

The purchased equipment, after the expiration of paid deposit, remains in the project, and investor receive daily percents and the sum of paid deposit.

We are providing favorable conditions for our investors, despite of difficult and complex nature of the mining process and a variety of variable factors, such as the rate of crypto currency and complexity of mining bit coins.

The Mining-crypto money project makes crypto currency production available to everyone. Everyone can participate in the project, regardless of investment amount, experience and technical abilities.

Crypto currency Bitcoin strengthens its position on the world currency exchange, providing a stable yield to its investors.

The team of Mining-crypto money project is growing and developing together with its investors. New equipment for mining is bought regularly and comfortable conditions provide for its uninterrupted exploitation.

The project is an alternative to real mining, and at the same time it avoids such problems as:

- delay of delivery expensive equipment;

- overload of equipment;

- payment of electricity;

- high level of noise;

- regulating the cooling temperature of equipment.

We will do all the hard work for you; you only need to invest and to receive your daily percents. Our project will help to increase your capital.

Accrual funds are charging every 24 hours from the moment the deposit is credited. The funds are fully accrual in automatic mode and do not depend from the human factor.

The security of the project is provided by a multilevel protection system.

Firstly, the resource has a secure SSL data transfer certificate used by most state and military institutions to achieve the maximum level of data transmission and other possible break-ins.

Secondly, our system provides the filtration of all currently existing versions of DDoS-attacks on the network level and transport level.

Thirdly, the work is carried out exclusively on our own high-speed equipment, so the influence of third-party companies is excluded.